Five PDF Bookmark inserts for traditional Bibles

The Bookmarks: These Integrated Bible Plan Bookmarks are divided into different kinds of biblical literature. This page provides lists of yearly readings that can be used to guide readers through the Bible in one year. The 5 PDF downloads below can be printed and used as bookmarks in the appropriate holding places in the Bible. Look for the download link under each reading below.
Instructions: Download the bookmarks and fold them in half so that they fit into your average Bible. Then copy them onto card stock #110 for longer life or fold the paper in half and laminate it to form a longer lasting bookmark for your daily Integrated Bible Reading Plan. Simply leave your bookmarks in the place of your daily readings for ease of finding your daily Bible texts.
Hint: For those reading through the Old Testament chapters chronologically you may find two chapters from different books of the Bible.  Make two PDF bookmarks of the Old Testament Writings.  Leave these bookmarks in the first chapter of your Bible while you read through the Old Testament writings and you could place the second one in the second book spot.  Then you won’t have to be searching through your bible for the daily Old Testament readings.

PDF:  The Wisdom Writings IBR Bookmark 2014

PDF: The Gospels IBR Bookmark 2017

PDF:  NT-Parallel-Writings-IBR-Bookmark-2017